Hey, guys! (I hope nobody will read my stuff, though)

So, what can I say? This is my first and hope not last weekly summary for DS106 course. I have to mention from the very beginning that English is not my native language, so my writing ability is limited (sorry for all my silly mistakes in advance!). Nonetheless, my writing skills in my native language sucks as well.

This was a little disclaimer to kill all your expectations.

What is art? To be honest, I have no idea. From my point of view, it’s something that makes you feel like:”Wow”, when you see it or hear it. It can be a piece of crap, but if you like it, if it makes you feel excited, so it’s an art, at least for you. If other people don’t share your opinion, so what? It’s your point of view! You just have different definition of “ART” and it’s perfectly fine!

Concerning the videos, I remember not so much things about it. A bold guy from the first video said that art should be created by human, not nature or gods. And it makes some sense, as nature could make you say “Wow”, but it’s not an art. You won’t find any explanations here. I just think so. Another one by Stephen Johnson is really amazing! It’s an art and it’s a useful art. He’s saying that imagination is a quite difficult thing that needs time, cooperation with other people, some additional stimulus etc. At least, this is the only thing I remember. Other videos I’ve not seen, because I was bored.  To conclude all the above, art is a different thing for different people, but cooperation between different people could be useful to create a great piece of art.

I’ve never read or watched advises of other students. Sorry guys, have no time. However, if you have any ideas, suggestions etc, you can always contact me via social networks: TwitterFlickrYouTube or SoundCloud.

Oh, I feel no power to write further, as it’s 3 a.m. already and I’m really exhausted. You can find my daily create stuff here. The creation process was really tough, as I’m very lazy and won’t describe the process to you for the same reason. I just leave you my introductory twitter post and go to sleep.

This week was fun! Can’t wait for next unit! 😉


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